we are eph

The EPH Group is a National Commercial and Residential Real Estate Consulting Firm headquartered out of New York. Collectively, the Principals have more than 80 years experience in evaluating, improving, managing and operating residential and commercial real estate projects across the country. Capitalizing on their extensive experience with highly successful developments, EPH is currently focused on opportunities in the distressed residential and commercial real estate space.

The Principals of EPH are a seasoned team of housing and real estate professionals that source all investments, operate and manage the real estate, and sell the inventory or consult with the owner and/or financier on same. Their operating experience sets them apart from others seeking to capitalize on investment opportunities in real estate. Successful investment in residential real estate requires strong operational knowledge of the homebuilding business. Their expertise allows them to source and purchase A locations in the desirable markets, establish land values based upon housing pricing and household income demographics, and understand value added opportunities relative to expense outlays. More than ever, the success of investing in residential real estate today is governed by having a strong grasp of the back-end selling price. This comes from a keen understanding of the markets, the customer, the product, and the competition. Our management team has the experience, depth, and track record to capitalize on the opportunities in this tumultuous environment by identifying unique opportunities and avoiding costly mistakes.

Maximizing Value through Operational Excellence